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E-documents served by SPC verifiable online

Every electronic document served by the Supreme People's Court (SPC) will be stored on a judicial chain platform and available for verification by litigants and third parties, to ensure the authenticity and credibility of such documents.
To implement the central leadership's strategy on blockchain technology development, the SPC has propelled the judicial application of the technology and established a judicial chain platform for the people's courts, which has stored over 2.8 billion pieces of evidences uploaded by nationwide courts.


According to the SPC's information center, it is a key judicial application scenario of blockchain to achieve the storage and verification of court-served electronic documents.


Adopted by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, as of Jan 1, 2022, the people's courts may, with the consent of the petitioners, serve litigation documents, including written judgments, orders and conciliation documents, by electronic means that can confirm their receipt. 

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