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Trial public information

Name Zhao Fangfang
Theme Trial public information
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Content Hello, I would like to ask, where can I find the public announcement information of your court's trial and want to attend your court?
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Reply content Hello, Zhao Fangfang. Your message has been received. Please forgive me for the slow reply due to business trip. To inquire about the court announcement information, please log in to the "Court Announcement" sub-column of http://www.hicourt.gov.cn/ Trial Public Column of Tianya Law Network, the official website of Hainan Higher People's Court, and you can see the court hearing information. At the same time, because the litigation service platform of our hospital is being upgraded, some functions are not connected smoothly. If there are special circumstances, please call the filing court 089866969649 for consultation. Thank you for your attention and support to Hainan court!
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