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Hainan Courts Financial Adjudication Work Conference Takes Place in Sanya

On April 11, Hainan Courts Financial Adjudication Work Conference took place in Sanya. Mr. Chen Huaiyu, Member of the Leading Party Members Group and Vice-Governor of the Provincial People’s Government, and Mr. Dai Jun, Secretary of the Leading Party Members Group and President of Hainan High People’s Court, attended the event and delivered their speeches.

Mr. Chen Huaiyu pointed out that Hainan has in recent years thoroughly implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important philosophy on financial works, focused on promoting financial reform and development and achieved significant effect thanks to financial adjudication. He hoped that Hainan courts will continue to afford powerful judicial supports to Hainan’s high-quality financial development: firstly, help to prevent and address financial risks, adhere to the principle of prevention first, severe punishment, and prosecution for all culprits, and co-build a sound defense line against financial risks across the province; secondly, promote and optimize financial services, guide market entities to perform their duties by law, safeguard the lawful rights of financial consumers, and meet the people’s diversified demand for justice; and thirdly, improve coordinated governance, give full play to the coordination between courts and the financial regulatory authorities, and make sure the financial adjudication and financial regulation interact in a sound manner and work toward the same target to boost governance effect.

Mr. Dai Jun reiterated that convening Hainan Court Financial Adjudication Work Conference to boost the high-quality development of financial adjudication is a concrete action for deeply implementing the guiding principles from the April 13 important speech, and Hainan courts shall, firstly, thoroughly study and implement the guiding principles from the Central Financial Work Conference, precisely understand the situation and tasks that financial adjudication faces, and seriously take on new challenges, new requirements and new subjects; secondly, start from the need of Hainan Free Trade Port for judicial service in its construction, gain a clear comprehension of the general idea and important works, and adhere to the priority of preventing and resolving major financial risks, the mission of urging the financial service to serve real economy, the value of placing the people at the center, and the target of upgrading quality and booming efficiency in financial adjudication; and thirdly, properly handle major sensitive cases of financial disputes, and boost by law the financial industry governance.

Mr. Chen Wenping, Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Members Group and Vice-President of Hainan High People’s Court, presided over the conference; Mr. Pi Xiuyan, Member of the Leading Party Members Group and Vice-President of Hainan High People’s Court, delivered the report on Hainan courts’ financial adjudication works; Mr. Gao Runheng, Deputy Director of the Party Provincial Committee Financial Commission General Office, Ms. Gao Jing, Member of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the People Bank of China Hainan Provincial Branch, and Ms. Dong Ruyi, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of CSRC Hainan Supervision Bureau, addressed the conference respectively.

The relevant responsible comrades from the General Office of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee Financial Commission, the People’s Bank of China Hainan Provincial Branch, the National Administration of Financial Regulation Hainan Regulation Bureau, and CSRC Hainan Supervision Bureau, the relevant leaders of Hainan High People’s Court, the presidents of the intermediate people’s courts provincewide, Haikou Maritime Court, and Hainan Free Trade Port Intellectual Property Court, and the responsible persons of the relevant business divisions of Hainan High People’s Court attended the meeting. Some deputies to the Provincial People’s Congress were invited to be present on the occasion. After the conference, Hainan courts sponsored a training session on Hainan’s financial adjudication work to improve the judicial competency and better serve the high-quality financial development of Hainan Free Trade Port. 

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