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Explore Rainforest in Hainan: Jiaxi Provincial-level Nature Reserve

Jiaxi Provincial-level Nature Reserve is located in the north of Ledong County, Hainan Province, which is one of the 19 natural reserves of Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park Pilot Zone. It is not easily accessible, so the forest vegetation still retains the original tropical forest landscape.

On August 24th, the reporters from Hainan Daily visited Jiaxi Provincial-level Nature Reserve to explore the conservation of the rainforest here.

From the ranger station, the only way to the top of the mountain is so narrow that only one car can pass through. On both sides of the path are unnamed trees, birdsong and the damp, fresh air is intoxicating.

The road in Hainan Jiaxi Provincial-level Nature Reserve. (Photo/Tan Qi)

The forest rangers are dragging branches on the road. (Photo/Tan Qi)

Further afield in Gouling is the largest area of Hainan's five-needle pine. The IUCN endangered status of the pine is vulnerable, and it is the best-preserved flora in Hainan. More than a dozen ancient Hainan green tea trees can also be seen at an altitude of 900 meters.

Hongshui River. (Photo/Tan Qi)

In the Jaxi Provincial Nature Reserve, the Jaxi River flows through the entire reserve, one branch of the river is white and clear, the other is light red, the most unique landscape of the reserve. The color of the river looks like the red of maple leaves, but it is still crystal clear. The water is odorless, not a polluted red. The river is red from June to October, which is why the locals also call it the Red River.

The water of Hongshui River is light red. (Photo/Tan Qi)

The water in the hands looks normal. (Photo/Tan Qi)

In recent years, the Jiaxi Provincial Nature Reserve and the Forest Public Security have strengthened their control, effectively stopping the destruction of the tropical rainforest, as well as strengthening publicity, making the protection of the tropical rainforest intact. 

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