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Hainan's 1st batch of duty-free wake boats arrive in Sanya

On Jan 11, four high-end wake boats produced by Nautique, a famous boat builder based in Orlando, Florida, arrived in Sanya and will be used for wake surfing. This is the first batch of duty-free wake boats that have arrived in Hainan.

The wake boats were introduced by Hainan Quwan Water Sports, a local tourism service provider. According to Bao Yongzhou, executive president of the company, the duty-free policies of Hainan Free Trade Port helped them save about 2.1 million yuan ($330,165) on shipping the four wake boats.

Since the implementation of the duty-free policy for imported yachts, 1,800 enterprises in Hainan have passed the qualification certification. A total of 25 imported yachts valued 268 million yuan have enjoyed the duty-free policy, which saved about 100 million yuan in total taxes.

The wake surfing project was introduced to Hainan in September 2018. The number of wake boats in Sanya has increased to 100 from less than 20 since the beginning of 2021.

"Wake surfing is fashionable and easy to learn, so it's very popular now," Bao added.

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