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Su Zhihui

Su Zhihui was born in January 1975 in Dingan county, Hainan Province. He majored in Economic Law (International Economic Law) at the law school of Peking University, and then he continued his study and obtained his master’s degree in Law. Su is a Senior Judge of the Third Rank. He was awarded glorious names of Advanced Individual of Hainan Province and as adjudication expert of Hainan Province. He started his judicial career in the Higher People’s Court of Hainan Province in April 1998, working as a clerk, an assistant judge of the First Civil Tribunal, subsequently as the director of the President’s Office, the secretary of the Leading Party Group of the High People’s Court of Hainan Province, the deputy director of Administrative Department, judge and director of the Administrative Department. From August 2015 to March 2016, Judge Su was delegated as the secretary of the Leading Party Group, vice president and acting president of Tunchang People’s Court. Judge Su was appointed as the secretary of the Leading Party Group and president of Tunchang People’s Court in March 2016. He was awarded honors of a second-class individual merit and a third-class individual merit once. Now, Judge Su is the Director of the First Foreign-related Civil and Commercial Court of Hainan.

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