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Haikou Maritime Court

I. Establishment
Haikou Maritime Court was established as a special court in March 1990 in accordance with Decision on the Establishment of Maritime Courts in Coastal Port Cities of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and Decision on the Establishment of Haikou and Xiamen Maritime Courts of the Supreme People's Court. The Court now comprises 10 divisions and departments, including Case Filing Division, Admiralty Division, Maritime Division, Enforcement Bureau, Research office (work also as Trial Supervision Office), General Office, Personnel Department, Judicial Police Division, Supervision Division, and State Compensation Division. There are 5 detached tribunals of the Court, including Sanya Tribunal, Yangpu Tribunal, Boao Tribunal, Basuo Tribunal and Sansha Tribunal. The High People's Court of Hainan Province has jurisdiction over appeals against the judgments and orders of Haikou Maritime Court. Xu Yahui is the Secretary of the Leading Party Member’s Group and the President of Haikou Maritime Court at present.
II. Jurisdiction
Haikou Maritime Court is the southernmost maritime court in China. It also has the largest jurisdiction area and covers more than 2 million square kilometers. Its jurisdiction area covers the ports and navigable waters of Hainan Province, including the islands and neighboring waters of Xisha Islands, Zhongsha Islands, Nansha Islands, and Huangyan Island. According to Provisions of the Supreme People's Court on the Scope of Cases to Be Accepted by Maritime Courts, 108 types of cases under 6 categories are specially handled by maritime courts. To be specific, the scope includes cases concerning disputes over maritime tort and maritime contracts, disputes over the development and environment protection of ocean and navigable waters, other maritime disputes, maritime administration, and special maritime procedure.

Haikou Maritime Court

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