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Civil Counterclaim

Civil Counterclaim
Counterclaimer (Defendant in this Suit):
Respondent (Plaintiff in this Suit):
Facts and Reasons: 
    Best Regards
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Attachments:____copies of the Counter Pleading, ____copies of evidences and their list.
Signature and Seal of Counterclaimer
    附:反诉状副本    份,证据目录及证据    份。 
 年    月    日
1. A counterclaim is an instrument used by the Defendant in a suit for filing a counterclaim to the same court by taking the Plaintiff in this Suit as the Respondent in a legal proceeding that has been already started in order to offset or annex the other party's litigation request.
2. General information of the parties shall be clearly specified, including (1) for a natural person, name, gender, age, ethnicity, domicile, contact information, ID number; (2) for a legal persons or other organizations, name, domicile, the name, title and contact information of the legal representative or the main superintendent.
3. Specific claims on offsetting or annexing the subject matter of this suit shall be stated in the Counterclaims.
4. The objective truth of the dispute, the factual basis and legal basis for counterclaims on offsetting or annexing the requests in this suit shall be stated in the Facts and Reasons.
5. Copies of a counterclaim shall be submitted based on the number of opposite parties.
6. All evidences submitted shall be stated in the evidence list.
7. A counterclaim shall be dated at its end and signed by a party in person (if the party is a natural person) or by the legal representative or the superintendent on behalf the party (if the party is a legal person or other organizations) with affixing the official seal.
8.The Chinese template must be submitted in the process of legal proceedings.

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