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Civil Application for Withdrawal of Suit

Civil Application for Withdrawal of Suit
Cause of Action:
Request and Reasons for Withdrawal:
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1.A civil application for withdrawal of suit is a written application for the Plaintiff (the Appellant) to withdraw a suit (an appeal) after filing a suit (an appeal) and before the judgment of a court.
2. General information of the Applicant shall be clearly specified, including (1) for a natural person, name, gender, age, ethnicity, domicile, contact information, ID number; (2) for a legal persons or other organizations, name, domicile, the name, title and contact information of the legal representative or the main superintendent. 
3. The cause for the suit filed or appealed by the Applicant shall be sated in the Cause of Action.
4. Reasons for the Applicant to withdraw the suit and the application filed for withdrawal shall be stated in the Request and Reasons for Withdrawal.
5. An application shall be dated at its end and signed by a party in person (if the party is a natural person) or by the legal representative or the superintendent on behalf the party (if the party is a legal person or other organizations) with affixing the official seal.
6.The Chinese template must be submitted in the process of legal proceedings.

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