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Mobile Micro Court

What’s a mobile micro-court?
Hainan Mobile Micro-court, a brand-new service mode, makes full use of WeChat’s advantage in vast user base, embedded mini apps and cell phones always on hand to provide the public, litigants and lawyers with one-stop full-process mobile litigation service. Litigants, lawyers and the public may access by cell phone the Online Litigation Service Hall to file lawsuits or query the relevant cases. Judges, similarly, may also hear and settle lawsuits through online courts. 
How do you file a case in mobile micro-court?
Litigants log on the mobile micro-court, complete the required online filing documents and click on Submit!
 After a litigant submits a case for filing, the judge examines the case on OA system. That is, follow the process below:  Once they have their identity certified, the litigant and lawyer submit their application for case filing and pay the relevant fees. And the judge examines the application and feeds back the result by electronic service. This process from the beginning to the end is conducted on the micro-court platform. You can ignore the territorial barrier and file and handle a lawsuit anytime anywhere. 
How do you download mobile micro-court? 

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