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Announcement of court session
Case No. Party Summary
Serial number Court session time Case No. Summary Trial court Party
1 9:00am, July6,2022 (2022) Qiong Min-Zhong No.279 Plaintiff Real right confirmation dispute No.4 Trial Court at the North Annex Building Zhou Nancai Zhou Meiyan
2 9:00am, July8,2022 (2022) Qiong Min-Zhong No.293 Plaintiff Freight forwarder contract disputes No.4 Trial Court at the North Annex Building Qinzhou Port Weilong Shipping Co.,Ltd. Hainan Jinhaijiang Paper Industry Co.,Ltd.
3 2021-3-29 15:00 (2020) Qiong 0108 No.14134 at the beginning of the Republic of China Private lending disputes Meilan district people's court Qiao Wenjun
Yang Qiumei
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